Doodles and Blobs

I can't believe how unfortunate I am. I lost two of my earphones in one year. I can't even take care of an earphone, what more a person! My earphone dis-functioned. Basically, I'm sad and quite depressed. Yes I do get depressed when I don't know what else to do with my life. Especially at times like these, when I need a song or two to accompany me. When I say at times like these, I meant at this time that I have no stressful work to finish within a strict due date. Without an earphone, I can't even finish watching season 1 of Suits! *heavy sigh*

Anyway, I have KI this weekend. Despite the fact that I'm quite reluctant because I can't go back home, I'm not gonna complain. I've been going to KI for 4 semesters now, and it's not like I died every time *roll eyes*. I've had enough of people complaining this and that this whole two weeks non-stop. I don't think you'll get anything by whining continuously by not doing anything to make it better for yourself. You don't have any choice anyway.

Doodles and Blobs. Hiks

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Anonymous said...

Fy dah banyak kali hilang earphone. Kalau tak hilang,rosak. Skrg dah tak guna earphone. T_____________T