Quick Update

Today was quite adventurous. Wait let me rewrite that; tonight was quite adventurous. And actually I don't really know how to put everything in words right now. I'm writing here just because. Not to mention my O button has been destroyed. It's still usable, but it's such a nuisance to press now because there's no button to press. Do you get me? 

I don't know why I'm misspelling things so much while I'm typing this. I keep wanting to write 'writing' as 'righting' -__-"

It's Thursday today isn't it. Since the last three days, I've been watching Suits season 1, watched Snow White and The Huntsmen online with Zue and Sunny with Hawa. I also drew a lot after I bought this set of colour pencils and I can't stop. There's always something to draw you know. 

And FT Island's 4th album is out. Go grab one copy if you love them like I do :D! I haven't, because I want it as my birthday present muehehehe.

And I just discovered Red. Their songs are quite friendly to my ears, and I wonder why I never heard of them before. 

That's all, I think. 

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