Ambang Merdeka

Instead of going to the dataran with many other people, I celebrated Merdeka on my bed, in front of my laptop. Not that I have no sense of patriotism, because there's no measurement to your sense of patriotism and mine just by looking at what you do during the 'ambang merdeka' night. 

Well I did the um, typography (?) above. Just trying out my skills in doing reflections in my photoshop. I was trying to make the lower half of the picture where the wording is reflected look like a floor, and that MERDEKA word over there is like a huge gigantic sign like the HOLLYWOOD sign everybody knows of. But does it look like a floor to you? No? I know right. Maybe a surface or something, but I think it doesn't look like what I intended it to be.

Anyway, just to have a proper National Day post, Selamat Ulangtahun Kemerdekaan yang ke-55 Malaysia :D! I love you lots XOXO 

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Anonymous said...

Kita serupa. ><