The religion of peace

I don't have a lot of say in issues like these. I'm not an extremist and my knowledge of my own religion is still inadequate to be talking so much about it. But at least I know what is right and what is wrong. 

A person insulted the prophet Muhammad pbuh and Allah in his facebook status, and apparently it got viral when another person shared it. And then this person apologized. He also said that he didn't put up a status like that, and that he was hacked (or most probably hi-jacked) by somebody else. 

There are two possibilities in this; that the person was truly sorry for his act and in order to cover up his mistake, he lied. OR that the person was truly hacked (or hi-jacked) but he still apologized because he had been horribly bashed by the Muslim community. 

But in the end, you wanna know what happened? These so-called 'Fisabilillah' people who were angered by the degrading insult done by this person, had tracked down the address of  this person, went to his house, broken in, stole some stuffs and destroyed his prayer altar (berhala). 

If you call this Jihad, I don't get this really. I was angry when I first read the insulting status. Which Muslim wouldn't when you read something so horrible being said about your prophet & God? I didn't say or do anything, because there was no point in arguing through the internet anyway. But when I found out that the person had apologized and claimed he had been hi-jacked, I forgave him. Who am I to keep grudges towards people I don't even know? Even Allah forgives his creations! Even the prophet Muhammad forgives his ummat! 

I am sad. Did this person do something to your family that you had to go and tear down his home? What did his family do wrong to you? Was it his mother's fault he decided to put up a status like that IF he really did put it up! You get super angry when the other religion say that Islam is a religion of violence, but then you go and justify their claim by showing more violence; by tearing down their home and destroying their prayer altar! You people are terrorists. Muslims aren't terrorists, but you lost people are. 

I am sad and ashamed. I feel like I don't want to live in this cruel world anymore, run away to another peaceful place where I can live happily with the other peaceful people. This isn't what Allah told us to do. Our prophet got strangled while he was performing solat but he didn't fight back. True, you have to protect Islam no matter what, but there is a proper way to that. Do not give more reason for the people out there to insult Islam even more.

And if that person was really hi-jacked, then I hope Mr hi-jacker is happy with what he has done to the poor person who might end up being jailed for something he didn't do. 

May Allah forgive us.

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