Bila dah berjaya tulis satu entri, lepastu mesti rasa nak tulis banyak banyak entri hahahaha tamak tamak :P

My housemate dreamt of something this morning. And I was in that dream, as her main subject. Mimpi tu kelakar sebenarnya, tapi menusuk ke ladang gandum. Hahaha. Buat aku berfikir 10 juta kali walaupun time dia cerita aku gelak-gelak gembira. Well, who knows kan mungkin mimpi dia tu petanda buat aku? Muehehe :P

Choices aren't easy. Things in the past are your teachers. I, am afraid. I am afraid of making the wrong decision. Sebab tu lah, aku taknak buat apa-apa decision pun sekarang. Let time decide. My heart has been broken well enough. The best thing would be to let it heal first. 

"The most honest person is a child and a drunk." - Jumpa ni kat mana ntah tadi, lupa pulak. 

If I could have one wish, I would wish to become a child once more and tell you everything inside. If I was allowed to drink alcohol, I would get drunked one time and tell you everything I feel. 

P/s: FYI, I am not a child and I am not drunk right now, therefore I might not be honest in this post miahihi

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