Hi, I am not Tiq Hashim. I repeat, I am utterly NOT Tiq Hashim. I have successfully hi-jacked her Blogger account because I am superb like Superman muahahaha!

Who am I? I am Lord Voldemort's youngest cousin's daughter, you do the maths. You don't believe me? Eh kau ingat kau sape taknak percaya cakap aku hah? Ya, lepas Lord Voldemort mengganas memang saudara mara dia semua pindah duduk Malaysia, sebab dengar cerita Malaysia ni negara aman, banyak peluang pekerjaan. Kahkahkah.

How am I related to Tiq Hashim? Apparently we have no relation at all. That's why laaa I hi-jacked her Blogger account! She thinks she's what? Konon-konon penulis terkemuka nak kalahkan J. K Rowling apa siap nak tulis blog novel bagai-bagai? She writes all craps, nonsense! I hate her Strawberry Cupcakes because it's too cliche and lovey-dovey and it looks a bit like Boys Over Flowers but in novel version and in English language. Tiq Hashim is a poser, she has no originality. Don't read her blog novel, it will give bad influence to your children!!!

Ahahaha okay, so I have to tell you readers of this crappy blog that Tiq Hashim will not be around in the nearest meantime. Instead, I will be taking over her Blogger with more useful stuff and informative things for you! Things that you might as well have read rather than all the rubbish that she serves you here. No, no, unfortunately Tiq Hashim is not dead. She's there, going through her life as usual, being very aware of what I'm doing to her but putting on the good front that she always gives you. A very deceiving diguise, eh? Most probably I would be hi-jacking her Facebook account afterwards (muehehehe) and she might run away to Twitter for help. But even that won't foil my plan. So until the next 'informative' post, sayonara.

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