How To Become a Good Friend

Sometimes, it's your flaws that make people remember you...

In a good way, I mean. But anyway, both ways also can :3

So picture this, a situation where you are sitting in your room trying to finish your assignment that is due the next day, then your roommate comes to you.

"Hey, watchu doin, mate?"

"I doubt you cannot see what I am actually trying to do here."

"Oh, you're typing something on Words!"

"No, idiot, I'm doing my assignment!"

"Oh okay."

He leaves you for a few minutes, then comes back to you.

"Hey, mate. Did you know that I'm supposed to take care of my neighbor's cat this week?"

"So?" and you answer him with your eyes on the laptop screen.

"Nothing, I was just saying."

He leaves you for another peaceful minute, then returns, with a cup of coffee.
"Look, I'm drinking Ipoh White Coffee. Want some?"

"No thanks, I don't drink coffee."

"But it's really good, ya know. A lot of people think that people who never drank coffee are lame-o. Losers. Very, very unlucky people they are." Said your roommate with a serious face and a persuasive nod. 

"I have never heard of that." there's this tingling feeling inside you right now.

"Oh, but it's true! You should ask around,"

The innocent smile on his face was starting to rise your temperature to 100 degrees Celsius.  He sees the signal you're trying to convey to him, but he stays there with his smile.

Yeah, most probably you would end up like this in the end.

...never fail to temper you, aite?

But imagine if he was gone.

The room would be quiet. No more stupid questions and annoying remarks. The first 10 minutes, you'd be feeling glad that he's not around. But then you start to have this weird feeling of emptiness. Suddenly, you're missing his stupid questions that never fail to spoil your 'working mode'. All of a sudden, you're as if hoping you'd hear his voice mentioning about inappropriate things that you don't really care about. Finally, you'd come to a strong conclusion that all he was doing all this freakin annoying time was just to try and ease away the stress you were having because you did your work on the very last minute. All he was trying to do was to accompany you so that you don't feel bored, even if it annoys you.

Or am I wrong?

If so, imagine 10 years from now when you're married or you have a hectic life of your own.

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