See I toldja she ran to twitter. Predictable human being, she is. And fancy being oh-so-proud of it too!

So I purposely didn't tell you my name last time, because I am super duper famous. But you can call me Berry. And you have no idea why, hah! 


An octopus has 9 brains, each in every tentacle and one in it's head.


You don't need a brain to figure out how bad someone treats you. Get your fucken legs up and leave already! 

Tiq Hashim is trying very hard to get back her blogger account. I'm not going to give it to her just like that, duh! Reminder for everyone out there, NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR ALL THE ACCOUNTS YOU HAVE ON THE INTERNET. Unless you want to be hi-jacked like Tiq Hashim BWAHAHAHA!

AND, make sure your password contains a mixture of alphabetical and numerical digits, not to forget some commas and periods or markers here and there. 

So yeah, if you're the forgetful kinda person, your bad. 

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