Journey To The City

Remember about 'therapy kencing manis' I mentioned in a few posts before? I said I wanted to talk about it LATER. Which has turned into A FEW YEARS LATER *metaphor* now. I'm trying to upload a picture, but the cable wire's missing. So 'therapy kencing manis' will be postponed for a few more 'years'.

My feet hurts so much from this journey around Kuala Lumpur. I went to a lot of places in one day, and I'm proud to say, all by foot and public transport (as in LRT & train, not taxi that's seriously not fair!). From KL Sentral, I got into an LRT and went to KLCC, did a one-round tour around KLCC park, then walked to Pavilion, visited Japanese street and went into Daiso (and regretted so much for not buying something aaarghh!!), then walked back to KLCC and took the LRT to Station Pasar Seni. Admired the graffiti by the 'most beautiful river on earth' over there, continued walking to Petaling Street (just passing by :3), and then visited Kasturi Walk and tasted some delicious Takoyaki for the first time. 

After that, I went to central market (next to Kasturi Walk) and wandered around in amazement with all the beautiful artistic things I saw in there. Like sand art in a bottle. Uber cool I tell you. It's not the ordinary 10 layers of colourful sand art you see in souvenirs shop everyday. It's 10 layers of colourful sand PLUS layers of sand made into shapes, writings and landscapes! That thing is equal to a ship in the bottle; it looks like impossible but it's not. That's why it's there. 

Okay so I went upstairs to the food court to have lunch, but it was apparently lunch hour, and the food court was full, so postponed the eating until lunch hour ends (poor tummy). Instead, I walked to Masjid Jamek to perform Zuhur prayers. Ahhh, finally got to rest my sore foot for a while. I noticed that my foot was actually aching, but this journey was too exciting, I didn't want to stop!

After finishing my prayer, I walked back to Central Market, lunch for real this time! Hehe. So after filling my hungry tummy, I walked back to the LRT Station then off to KL Sentral. Oh, before that I also stopped by Kasturi Walk again to buy more takoyaki because it was too delicious I just had to have more ^_^. Hung around KL Sentral enjoying the view while eating takoyaki, and at about half past 4, I was already in the train back to Shah Alam.

Tired much? But awesome dude, just awesome! Thanks to this person who became my guide for the day, patiently showing me around, I have nothing more to say. Even if I do, I have no words that can explain it.

P/s: SHHHH... this is our little secret okay? ;)

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