I was about to write up another dramatic aggravated post until I thought, how cliche of myself. Soon you would be able to guess without me telling "This girl must be going through her end-of-semester moments." because yes, I am. 

I can't help myself getting all depressed about things. My grandpa's sick lately, and he's been admitted into the hospital. My parents have been returning to Pahang to visit him for two weekends now. Sadly for me, I've been busy for two weekends with work and stuff and didn't manage to visit him for myself. Things were quite bad, I heard. And that's what I've been doing; hearing things from other people, thanks to Facebook & Twitter and my phone line. 

However, I did some therapeutic things (at least I think they'e therapeutic). I drew stickers, I drew on my little self-made box-table, I drew on one of my plain white t-shirt, I drew in my sketchbook. Basically, drawing heals me. If only I can just draw all the time. I can't because of the loads of assignments I must finish. I realized yesterday, while drawing a large kuroneko on my box-table, that even if the saddest thoughts cross my mind, I feel nothing at all. There was only a swell of bliss inside me that's blocking out all the unhappy thoughts. If only I could just draw all the time!

Someone once said "Your eyes immediately sparkle when you get to draw."

I don't know how dull my eyes look like all the time, but, my eyes hardly lie. 

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