I rest my case

"You are declared guilty, and I hereby sentence you to 50 years of jail. Court dismissed."

When the gavel was brought down followed by the grim echoing of wood being struck, Daniel felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He walked out of the courtroom, still feeling slightly shaky from the intense battle he just had with the defense attorney, but he was glad, almost proud of himself. He had defeated one of the most well-known defense attorney who rarely lost a court case; Mikail Faith - his half brother.

In the lobby, it was Mikail who approached him first. Mikail who was taller gazed down at him with a stare that could penetrate through walls. 

"Nice luck, rookie. You really have a way of bluffing yourself to victory." he uttered mockingly. His tone was severe, and as soon as that voice escaped the mouth of its owner, it was as if everybody could feel a sudden drop of temperature all around. Daniel frowned disapprovingly.

"It was a fair battle, and taunting me would not change the judge's verdict. I will do anything to ensure justice is served."

From the point-of-view of an onlooker, it would seem as if Daniel was a newbie being scolded by his mentor for screwing up in his job. Mikail looked firm and unforgiving, but there was more charisma to the way he was standing and the way his raven black hair was neatly combed backwards. He had a certain air of authority surrounding him.

Daniel on the other hand, looked very young and sorry. Somehow, from the way his shoulders were tensed, there was a hint of uncertainty and in-confidence. In front of the good-looking Mikail, he seemed inferior indeed.

"Why did you choose this path, rookie? Do you really believe that you're good enough?" Mikail asked provokingly. He loved it when Daniel's face melted into sheer annoyance and anger. 

"At least I was good enough to defeat you! I want justice to prevail, and send down evil to the shadows where they belong, even if that means sending you down with them!" Daniel exclaimed. Of course, he was young and he was still hot-headed. A burst of unkindly laughter escaped from Mikail's mouth. His eyes were mocking Daniel in every way it could.

"Fool! This is only the beginning. You better prepare yourself, because this won't be the last time you'll be going against me in court. Next time, I shall beat you into a pulp!" 

Mikail left with a hateful smirk on his face. Daniel noticed the scar across his  left eyebrows, but he was too angry to even think about it. He hated that scar. He hated Mikail. When his half brother was no longer in his sight, he realized that he was standing there, clenching his fists and shaking with fury.

This short story is a tribute to one of my all time favourite game ever: Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney series. Although it has nothing to do with the story line in the game, but it's got something to do with attorneys. And somehow since that game I have got an exceptional liking towards handsome guys in suits. Or handsome manga guys in suits -,-

Anyway, the fifth installation of the game is coming out soon onto the Nintendo 3DS platform and I am a bit sad because I won't be able to play that game until someone turns it into a PC emulator ROM or until I buy myself a Nintendo 3DS. Still, I can't wait to play that game! I miss Miles Edgeworth and Klavier Gavin :3

Pheonix Wright with a bunch of new characters and Apollo Justice. (And who the hell is that bad ass new prosecutor uuuuuuuuu)

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