Fly me

..to the moon and let me play among the stars..

This is Anabelle Luna.
It's a character I made up based on one of my fictional stories I've written.
First I decided she was Laura, but then I thought Luna was better on her character.
She's kind and helpful and sometimes very bubbly.
She loves to read magical fantasy story books.
She also loves classical music.
However, she is very shy around boys. 
Sometimes, she is overly paranoid about what people think about her.
Which makes her seem like she's trying too hard on everything.
But she's actually very simple.
Dislike things that complicate her life. 
Chocolate upsets her stomach.
Has a crush on a musician called Jupiter Altair.


"Do you know why we can't coexist? It's because I'm just a little moon, while you're the biggest planet in the Solar System."

"It's not my fault you're shining down for another little planet while all I can do is look at you from a planet away."

"What do you mean 'another little planet'? I'm not shining down for another little planet!"

"That was just a metaphor."

"Circling around you would be tiring, anyway."

"I'm the biggest planet in the Solar System, of course it would."

"Then I pity all those moons you have."

"And maybe that's why it's good you're not one of them."

Woaaahhh flash fiction!

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