How does it feel to not have rationality, sanity, and the ability to weigh the difference between what is right and what is wrong? How does it feel to murder, kidnap and rob other people? How does it feel to inflict harm on a certain person you dislike? How does it feel to just agree with that infuriating emotion that makes your heart pump and your blood rise? 


I believe there is a very thin line in every human being that borders their sanity and that other world. Sometimes you just feel like putting one feet across the line, but your rationale pulls you in, bargains and argue with you, and you stop. Is it normal to feel angry to your own rationale thinking? Sometimes I am curious. Sometimes I hate my curiosity because it is curious towards things that have not simple solutions and answers. 

The good thing about having doubt is that you will think a hundred times before you resort to doing/believing/saying things. The bad thing about it is you will think a hundred times before doing/believing/saying things, until you finally miss the chance. Or until you don't feel like doing it anymore. 

My friend is doubt, and so is my enemy. 

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