"Sometimes, other people's definition of 'time is money' is different from yours. I might be in front of the laptop all day, but you don't know what I'm actually doing. Maybe sitting in front of the laptop all day is money for me."

I am updating because I miss my blog. I have nothing to blog about, and I haven't been able to write things lately. I miss writing short stories too, like I used to when I didn't have a lot of things to do. It has been a week since I last played an interesting game. I am currently taking extra lessons in programming and coding on codecademy.com. Most of my free time I spend over there because I don't want to break my day streaks haha. 

So that's basically it. If you're interested in coding, you can go take lessons there too. It's absolutely free, and the lessons are easy to understand! Plus you get virtual badges for completing exercises and stuff, so you'll feel motivated to continue doing all the exercises everyday. 

My dream is to be able to build my own website from scratch one day. And I hope for more than just that. Wish me luck :)

Oh, I almost forgot. My t-shirt business is running now, and we're starting to promote our tees everywhere. I'm busy designing new stuff. You should go check out Black and Blue Ink. if you want me to be happy. Don't just check out, buy some things from us and I'll bless you all with happy things and success in life haha. Okay bye.

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