Yes, I am going to put this everywhere.

A friend of mine introduced me to Paradise Kiss. 
I've heard about it before but I never had the urge to check it out.
It's a manga. And it has a movie where it's not anime.
And I have fallen in love with Ai Yazawa's drawing style.
I read manga just for the sake of the art to be honest. 
So I'm not going to go suddenly fanatic over Paradise Kiss. 
As a matter of fact, I have never finished reading ANY manga.

I like Fairy Tail. I never finished reading it.
Sometimes I read Naruto, but that has stretched into a ridiculous span of episodes
So no, I won't bother with that.
I can't be bothered to commit myself to anything. 
Except for the Inheritance Cycle written by Cristopher Paolini. 
I can't believe I went through that till the end.
But umm, maybe because the Inheritance Cycle only consists of 4 books.
Unlike 7.

Unless I like it a lot.
Like really a lot.
Super duper really really like it a lot.
Like drawing.

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