Another caffeine story

This evening, I was supposed to 'bancuh' a cup of Nescafe for my dad when he arrives home from work. At around 6, there was some fogging activity going around my housing area, so the environment wasn't so pleasant. Everything smelled poisonous. I sat and played with my pet cat Pipuk because I was bored and nobody wanted to play Ruzzle with me. 

You can always recognize the sound of a certain car if you're used to riding it or listening to it every day. I know the sound of my dad's car every time he comes home from work. A sound that can also act as an alarm if you haven't already done your Asar prayers, and an alarm that says go 'bancuh' dad's tea or Nescafe now. Dads usually like it warm, so make his drink on time that when he drinks it it would still scald his tongue kikiki.

So while lazily playing with Pipuk and with the fogging thingy going on outside, I heard that sound. I swear it was that sound, because my instinct said so. I didn't even bother to peer out the window to make sure, I just knew. I pushed Pipuk off my lap and headed straight for the kitchen to 'bancuh' dad's Nescafe. And then I put it on the coffee table. And then I took my mom's tab, sat on the living room sofa and checked for any new Ruzzle challenges. No Ruzzle challenges still, so I opened the 4 Pics 1 Word game heck I was bored. 

The front door never opened. Pipuk didn't even budge from her lazy spot in front of the door. The fogging was still going on outside like nobody's business. I scratched my head and only then thought of going to the window to check. 

Tadaaa, no dad. 

Just the fogging man going to and fro with his fogging machine. Semangat je lebih, I laughed in my head at silly ol' me. If dad comes home late his drink would be cold, so might as well just drink it myself. 

You can never be too sure about things you think you're sure of.

And now I'm a nervous wreck and I'm pretty sure this giddy feeling is because of that wrong cup of Nescafe. Pfft.

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