Post-caffeine post

I don't usually blogwalk, but sometimes I drop by random blogs posted by people on twitter and facebook just to satisfy my curiosity. My level of curiosity depends on how I'm feeling at the moment. Like a few days ago, I was supposed to be finishing an assignment that was due the next day. That was the moment when my level of curiosity was at the peak of its excellence. Usually that's the case. Every time, if I may say. 

I read this interesting blog that day, and I'm sure I'd be returning because apparently, the day I dropped by the blog owner just posted his first post in there. If the first post was that attention-grabbing, I can undoubtedly bet on my love for Ice Blended Caramel that the following posts would be just as fine. 

Speaking of Caramel drinks, I noticed lately how my body reacts to caffeine. The feeling is indescribable, but it's kinda annoying to an extent I randomly did a 15 minutes workout with my roommate just to shake off the weird feeling. And the result was I had to bear aches all over my tummy and my waist for the next three days. Thanks, caffeine. Cewahh salahkan caffeine.

Still, I'd never stop drinking Cappuccino Bubble Tea from that Roti Impitzz stall in my faculty haha. 

And speaking of Cappuccino Bubble Tea, I had myself a glass of Ice Blended Cappuccino drink for dinner just now. Great. No wonder I was feeling so giddy. 

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