What ifs.

This evening during Asian Literature class, we talked about the short story 'Purvai'. I seriously cannot remember the name of the author, because I just don't care that much to go and recheck. The story is about a housewife, leading a normal mundane life, with a husband and a son, and suddenly one day decided to change from normality after seeing a person she once knew in her past. 

I only read the story once, and to tell you the truth I didn't immediately understand the essence of the story at first go. I did not re-read the story, though. However, the first thing that struck me after reading the story was this little situation that happened between two person - a mother and a daughter - one fine day at an exclusive shopping mall in a city. 

The mother and the daughter were walking, admiring the expensive things sold behind the huge display windows with branded names printed on them. 

"If I had married my rich boss at that time, I would have been able to buy all this." said the mother. 

The daughter smiled dryly and said "If you had married your rich boss, then we wouldn't be around."

That's about it.

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