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Lama tak jwb tag. Tadi blogwalking blog bestfriend, tengok dia jwb tag dari kawan dia. Aku dah agak dia dah dia mesti akan tag aku punya XD . Nasib baik tengah rajin jadi aku immediately jawab tag beliau sebaik habis membaca post dkt blog dia tu. Here it goes:

The Rules
  1. You must post this rule
  2. Each person must post 11 random things about themselves in their journal 
  3. Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven new questions for the   people you tagged to answer
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  6. No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAG IF YOU READING THIS" YOU LEGIMATELLY (a.k.a REALLY,TRUST,WITH ALL HONEST)have tagged 11 people.

11 Things about me:

1 - I hate air sirap. They make me feel like vomiting.

2 - I used to dislike K-POP. But but then I got to know FT Island, and Jong Hoon, and now I'm one of the lot haha.

3 - I am a night person. Ideas and stuff only come after 8 p.m

4 - I have low self-esteem, and tend to easily feel insecure when something wrong happens.

5 - I am almost 21, and still watching Disney movies like Beauty and The Beast over and over again. In fact I'm going to watch it in 3D quite soon! Imma big fan!

6 - I have an imaginary cat called Pipuk. Perhaps in the future, I'm gonna own a real one.

7 - I'm not a make-up person because applying make-up consumes a lot of time and I usually wake up late for class or anything in the morning. Most of the times I'm just too lazy. I'd always just tempek my face with bedak baby Johnson, put on some lip gloss, and I'm ready to go! The most make-up I've ever worn are eyeliners and eye shadows. Probably even blushers, when I'm extra rajin.

8 - Pretty shoes just hate me. I wear slippers where ever I go, even to class. 

9 - I don't like being attached with my phone. It's such a nuisance to have to check your phone most of the times. Especially when I'm gaming or doing something I like. Well, unless I'm in love, all this does not apply haha.

10 - Yeah, give me a good game, I'll forget the world. 

11 - Totally not a good girlfriend material. 

11 Questions from Nell!

1. Latest movie yang ditonton serta pendapat tentang movie tersebut.
- I'm about to watch Beauty and The Beast next week, and walaupun I've watched a different movie yesterday, but I still wanna talk about Beauty and The Beast :p kekeke. I love Beauty and The Beast so much because it reminds me a lot of my childhood. A lot of people agree that this movie is the best animation movie made by Disney during its time and the best love story ever. I preferred this over Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty because the female character was not the damsel in distress in this story. She is independent and somehow I can relate to her because when I was a kid, I loved to read and don't really mix around well with people. 

2. Lelaki mana pada tanggapan korang lebih cool dan korang lagi suka? Ahli sukan atau ahli muzik? Pilih antara dua ni je, takpayah tambah kategori lain, hehehe XP
- I have to admit, I melt at the sight of guys who can play musical instruments like the piano or the violin or the guitar. I have this dream of having a husband who can play the piano, so he can make music for me besides making babies (LOL). It's not that I think they're cool, but I am easily touched when I listen to nice music.

3. Negeri dalam Malaysia yang paling korang suka atau teringin pergi dan kenapa.
- Semua negeri boleh? Semua negeri pun tak pernah melawat dgn gembira, jadi nak pergi semua negeri. Including Sabah Sarawak. I like to travel.

4. Pendapat pasal isu kahwin muda. Kalau ditakdirkan berlaku pada anda, menolak ke menerima dengan hati terbuka? (cepumas betul, hahaha!)
- Hmmm, tak pernah pulak bayang benda ni berlaku dkt diri sendiri haha! Pada akulah, takde apa yg salahnya dgn kahwin muda ni. Kahwin tu kan perkara yg baik. Boleh elak dosa, lagi2 generasi muda zaman sekarang ni tengok lah macam mana. Cuma zaman sekarang ni cinta je tak cukup, kena ada kewangan stabil at least ada pekerjaan tetap yang bergaji okay. Kalau tak kisah hidup susah takpelah, takde yg salah pun dengan hidup susah. Cuma nanti bila dah susah, banyak tekanan dalam rumahtangga. Especially bila ramai anak. Hmmm. There's only one way for this thing to happen to me right now, and that is if a good guy with good career stature and a stable finance comes to seek for my hand in marriage, I'll surely accept him. I am obviously not looking forward to get married early, though I really love babies :3

5. Perlu ke pilih boyfriend / bakal suami yang ada degree atau qualification dari university? Pendapat?
- Perlu kot. Unless if dia pandai cari ilmu, it's still okay for me to not have a degree and all. Cuma, like I said before, it's not easy nowadays to be penniless. You have to be extra hardworking when you don't graduate from a university. 

6. Enjoy tak belajar kos yang anda belajar sekarang. Dan kalau bekerja, suka tak kerja anda sekarang.
- Enjoy! Walaupun susah, dah ini yang aku pilih. Enjoy jelahhhh :)

7. Perempuan yang berusaha buat seseorang lelaki tu suka kat dia. Perigi cari timba atau cool?
- Taktaulah nak cakap haha. Kalau dah dia betul-betul suka dkt lelaki tu, apa salahnya dia buat lelaki tu suka dkt dia balik. Mesti lah dia nak cinta dia berbalas kan. Kenapa mesti nak kena ada istilah perigi cari timba ni? Ada dalam Al-Quran ke? Hahahaha

8. Kerjaya impian.
-Pensyarah. Fullstop

9. Kalau makan kat McD suka burger apa?
BIG MAC weehuuu! 

10. Define 'respect' tu macam mana in your own words.
- You don't like it when other people judge you, sneer towards your opinion and stand, and make fun of the things you hold onto dearly. If you don't like it, other people don't like it too. When people understand this concept, they'll know how to respect.

11. Question for nell: If you were given the chance, once, to go to the future and look at something that is going to happen to your life, what would you look at? What do you want to find out among all the other uncertainties you have ;) ?

I sincerely admit that I do not want to tag anybody because I don't want to burden people with these things. I have low self-esteem as you can see, so if I tag people and they don't do it, I will feel bad haha. Thank you and goodbye !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the tag, it's fun to read those answers ^^

Oh ya, answer for your question. Sangat critical thinking ye soalannya. hahaha. Saya nak tengok adakah saya dapat hidup seperti yg ditarget because you know, things happen kdg2 kita tak expect pun as we can never fight the fate. And I'm curious about who I'll be marrying, is it someone I haven't met or someone yang mmg dah kenal, hehehe :P:P XP