I want to spend my lifetime loving you...


He was sitting there, smiling shyly, his slanted eyes almost near to nothing because of it, trying to tell me something. I love it when he smiles like that. He looks sweet that way, it always melts me to bits. I think I was admiring his face too much, I forgot every piece of word coming from his mouth. And then he gave me something.

I think it was the next day, or maybe the same day, was it? He was sending me to music class. I was late, but he offered to send me anyway. He was a really good friend, caring and worrying a lot about me. And when we were there, I think I was very late, so the class had already ended. I did not tell him this because, perhaps, I didn't want to trouble him. He had some work to do, anyway, so I told him to leave me there. Before he left, he gave me that smile one last time, and planted a sudden kiss on my cheek. 

I stood there, surprised, and blushing madly.


Don't get too excited. It was, sadly for me, a dream.

Somehow, he looked like Kang Gun Woo (Jang Geun Suk) from Beethoven virus when he smiles. Adorable.

But then again, judging from how it went, music class (?) and all, maybe it was because I'm watching too much Beethoven virus nowadays.

But because I wanna think positively, I hope it's actually a sign. Keh keh. Please be real Mr Adorable Man in my dreams <3

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