The key has changed

These past few days, I have nothing to tell the world. My life is as boring as ever. I am jobless like I usually am, I don't go out and meet people at all, I want to travel but I cannot as always. My day would probably end up with me sitting in front of the laptop the whole day, no matter what I try to push myself to do. 

I've been drawing and doodling and using Paint to the fullest. I've also started doing vector drawings, and now I have 3 people queuing for a vector portrait of their self. I'm doing it for free, mind you. And I also bought a new sketch book to pour my heart out.

The other day, I helped a friend write down a formal letter. It has been awhile since I last wrote a proper formal letter. 

I don't like being attached to my phone. I don't like not being able to control my feelings.

I can't wait for 14th of February to come.

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