I've did what I wanted to do. You can say I am happy enough. Because I am. I am satisfied. 

During this month and a half break so far, I've watched new things other than the things that I want to watch. Fyi, I don't watch much TV at home. Yes, I don't like TV shows. They annoy me somehow. I can sit around happily in the living room when the TV's turned off, do things, or maybe simply sit there, but once someone comes and switch on the TV I feel as if a whole crowd of people just entered the house. Yeah it feels like that, I don't know why.

That is why I prefer to sit in my room in front of the laptop.

Well there's one show I'm starting to love. It's a Korean variety show, Runningman. My mom loves it, my brother loves it, my two little sisters love it. Tell me why I shouldn't? It's funny as hell, never fails to make us laugh. 'Twas my brother's fault he first played it on TV one night to let us all watch. And we became addicted, the end. Haha. 

One thing I like about this show, other than it being funny, is because of the background music. With every theme they play each week, they play background music to fit with the plot of the show. And what's fun is, they even tell you the title of the music they use! 

I don't know if I'm the only one doing this, but when there's a catchy tune that catches my attention, I'd quickly take note of the title and google it down afterwards. Maybe after watching more Runningman, I'll end up with a whole folder of new songs to listen to. I don't mind that at all hehe.

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