That's what happens when you fall in love in a dream. You might never see him again.


"What is this place?"

"This is anywhere you want to be. It's your desire."

She looked at him, confused.

"Who are you?"

"I am whoever you wish me to be."

This is not helping, she thought.

"I must be dreaming."

She walked pass the unknown guy. She didn't notice it before, to her own surprise, but she was actually standing on a grassy hill overlooking a wide green plain. The greenery stretched miles and miles away, as if there was no end. The wind blew towards her face, and the grass swayed. It was a beautiful scene.

"Yes, I must be dreaming. I'll wake up any minute, on my bed, in my room."

"If you say it is, then it is. But you are standing here now, and we exist."

We exist?

"Why are you here?"

The guy looked straight into her eyes and smiled.

"I don't know. Perhaps because you want me to."

And she stood there, all speech taken away from her lips, frozen to the earth. 

All of a sudden, from out of no where, they were standing in the middle of whiteness. She looked around and realized it was actually snow. Coldness bit into her skin. The smell of pine trees entered her nostrils. The mysterious guy was still standing there in front of her, still smiling. They were surrounded by a forest of Pine, tall and towering above their heads, their leaves green despite the coldness.

"Are you cold?"


The guy approached her, took off his thick brown jacket and wrapped it around her. She looked down, feeling her blood flooding her cheeks. She hoped it wasn't because of him, but because of the coldness instead. 

"You should wear a jacket in weather like these."

But it's not supposed to be winter now, she thought.

"Let's walk."

She followed silently, not bothering to blurt out the questions in her mind. He took her hands and they walked together among the pine trees,  across the white earth surrounding them. 

"Do you like it here?"

"Uh, I don't know. I think I do."

"I know you do. Or we wouldn't end up being here in the first place."

There he goes again. Talking in riddles, going round and round.

They kept on walking, and she had only noticed that they were no longer surrounded by the pine trees when she saw a little wooden cottage in the middle of the whiteness. She peeked through a window and saw her room. Her bed, her wardrobe, everything was in it.

"Who's house is this? Can I go inside?"

"I don't know. Do you want to go inside?"

She stood there, thinking.

"Will you come with me if I do?"

"I can't. I don't belong in there."

"But I want you to be there with me."

"I will be there with you. But you will have to look for me."

They gazed into each other's eyes, held tightly onto each other's hands.

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Maybe. One day."

She slowly tuned around towards the door. Without even twisting the door knob, the door swung itself inside. She looked inside the room cautiously. One step forward. Two steps. She was halfway inside the doorway when she felt the urge to turn around and look back. 

"Don't. You might not find your way out again."

He was still there. 

What if I really don't want to find my way out? What If I want to stay?

"I love you."

It came out as a whisper. She closed her eyes and everything became a blur.


Moon so bright, night so fine
Keep your heart here with mine
Life's a dream we are dreaming...


Though we know we will never come again
Where there is love, life begins
Over and over again...