A is for Apple

And so is Atiqah.

Today was one hectic day. Class all day until 6.30, got Mandarin test also, aiyaa! I even managed to go do a blood test to check my blood type, just for fun! Me and my housemates been talking about blood types and the common personality of the people with these different blood types. Because of these conversations we had, I felt a dire need to know my own blood type. 

Since I have never been hospitalized and I am not physically qualified to do blood donation, there has been no means for me to find out what type of blood do I contain in this thin little body of mine. 

So one of my housemates, Eja, caught fever for a few days now and worsening. We (Hawa, Zue, Apek and I) accompanied her to the Medical Center at the UiTM Main campus to get her some medicine. I know it makes no difference even if I know what type of blood I have, since I can't donate blood anyway for the time being. But out of eager curiosity, I asked the attendant at the counter if there was any way for me to simply check for my blood type. I know by the look from her face that it's not a regular thing for people to be coming just to check their blood type, but I was glad when she told me that I can do a blood grouping test to find that out. 

I paid RM5 for it and a received an injection between the joint on my right arm. Despite all the excitement of finally being able to precisely announce my blood group with pride, I have to admit that the effect was a little stinging. I took the blood test at about 4 o'clock, and I actually had another class at 5. Throughout that class, I couldn't even write properly. But that was because of the sedative. 

Anyway, this was the result that I anxiously waited for....

The point of this post is not to tell the whole world about my blood type. Even though I am literally doing it in a way. I am just telling you how eager I am towards things having to do with my own body, and even though I despise the sight of fresh blood spilling from your skin in a large amount, I went through it with my head held high almost. Actually, I looked away while the doctor inserted the syringe needle into my skin ha ha ha! Am a brave girl now hiyakk!

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