Free Blogger Template: Hello Marshmellow!

This is my latest template design, Hello Marshmellow! but my first from Saphyrea Art. It's basically based on, yeah you guessed it right, marshmallows because of my love towards that candy. Pretty colourful and sweet to the eye-sight, and blogger friendly too! The header title can be changed straight from the Page Elements section of blogger. Feel free to download coz it's free!

Note: Please do not remove the credits to tiqcakap.blogspot.com. The making of this template was not an easy task for a newbie like me, so it would be a pleasure if you give me some credentials for my work. And it would also make me happy if you leave a comment below leaving a link to your blog once you download my template. I would love to see my work of art on the use. Thank you :)

footnote: Saphyrea Art? Hehe nanti aku cerita :P

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