First Class

Someway, somehow, this music score makes me feel so angry. Makes me feel like killing someone. Maybe it was a bad idea to be listening to this while I was actually feeling dissatisfied towards a person. Hmmm... 

Anyway, during this weekend, I watched X-Men First Class three times. The second time was only to indulge into the soundtracks in particular. I love Henry Jackson's work in this movie. They were all awesome. I could feel Erik a.k.a Magneto's pain and anger throughout the story. And suddenly my favourite character in this movie is Magneto ha ha ha. Well, after Jean Grey. Ha ha. *Nak yang awesome je*

Actually, I have to record a cover song that I'm collaborating with Fyfy. But because I was busy watching X-Men, I forgot to record it T.T . Sorry Fyfy, nanti Tiq rakam okay. Dah siap nanti Tiq post sampai Sabah bagi Fyfy dengar ahaha :D

P/s: My new mission - Watch all the other X-Men movies from the very first episode.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Its okay. Fy pun belum buat lagi,tunggu tiq punya dah siap,baru fy nyanyi guna video tiq and then kita gabungkan video tu! Wooooo! Cant wait :)