My Everything

You always annoy me. Yeah. Sometimes when I don't have the mood to talk about or listen to things, you'd come and ask me stupid questions, asking for this and that. It's kinda irritating okay! 

But sometimes, you do the most random things and make me laugh. That would be the most priceless moment ever, and I don't want it to go away. Seeing you smile, hearing your laughter, it made my day. I'd do anything to see that smile everyday. How did you do it? 

You never listen to me when I try to advice you. You're stubborn at times, and very grumpy. Your mouth smells because of your stubbornness. Though at times you would do anything for me. Even if you'd complain because I always ask you to help me, you still do it anyway. When your mood is good, that is. And when you want something back, you always treat me kindly and act cute in front of me, and I almost always melt to your cuteness. How did you do it?

I wonder why is it that whenever I'm sad and down, it's like you know it and understand, even if I try hard to hide it from you. You're always there, suddenly doing your random things and returning the smile on my face, even though I was crying inside. How did you do it?

Remember that time when you hi-jacked my facebook and wrote a status on my profile? I laughed so hard and I wasn't at all angry even if I pretended to be. You frequently post random comments on my wall and my friends' walls, and my pictures and links and my older posts -,-". And sometimes you post inappropriate comments on the wrong posts and no one replies to it and you get so sad everytime you open your account and there's no notification hahaha! 

I hope you never grow up and always be my cute little flower that beautifies my days and nights. But nahhhh, I can't stop you from growing, sadly as I say this :( . One day when you know how to read English properly, I hope you read my blog and read this so that you know how much I used to love you, and forever will. I heart you little Lily <3

p/s: Rindu adik, padahal kejap lagi nak balik rumah dah wuwuwu :'(

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