Lucky Charm

I need motivation. So in order to make myself write, I have to make deadlines for myself. This is the supposed book cover for a story that I am writing. I don't know why is it so hard for me to say I am writing a novel. It is harder even to say I am writing a book. Am I denying my own ambition? Don't I want to see this become realized? I just don't understand. I'm so confused about myself. 

Well this is what I initially imagine it to look like and sound like. It may change (as usual) in time. Roughly, the story will be about a sociophobic (why isn't this a proper word?) girl who met a demon living inside a mysterious ring that she got from a very mysterious old lady in a mysterious trinket/antique store. I am trying to make this sound as magical as possible. 

And lets just hope this time I am motivated enough.

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