One day...

She was about to fall asleep when her phone suddenly rang. Her phone seldom rings nowadays, and to pick it up only to see the word "Unknown" flashed upon her phone screen made her feel slightly uneasy. She left the ringtone blaring for a few moments, hesitating whether to receive the call or not. 

Finally, she pressed the green button and lazily put the phone to her ears.

"Hello." her voice came out much sleepier than she had expected it to sound.

"Hello, can I speak to Z?" said a male voice from the other end of the line. She thought she had heard wrongly, and pressed the phone harder against her ears.

"Who?" she asked.

"Can I speak to Z? Is he sleeping?" said the male voice again. So she hadn't heard wrongly, and now she didn't know what to say. After one year, she did not expect to be hearing that name being asked from a call to her number. 

"Who is this?" she asked carefully, as if she was talking to a possible serial killer. 

"I'm his friend. Is he not there? Er, who is this?" 

She did not know how to respond to this. It was her principle to not give personal information through the phone to an unknown person. Her name was personal information, especially to somebody who claims to be a friend of Z, her ex-boyfriend. 

“Is this A?” the male voice asked after she let silence take over the phone call.

“Yes.” She had replied out of surprise, and later deeply regretted this.

“Sorry, I thought this was Z’s number. Goodbye.” And the call ended.

She put down her phone and hid her head under her pillow. She was thinking about the phone call. It occurred to her that Z’s current girlfriend had the same name as her. That person could have thought she was that current girlfriend. Apparently she had just finished reading a book, where the conflict was based on coincidence and rationale. She would have preferred the phone call to be a mere coincident, that this person was some other Z’s friend, who coincidentally had a girlfriend named A. Because it bothers her to know that a friend of her ex has her number saved into his phone.

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