Rain Sound

I decided to do a little sightseeing yesterday. After paying the rent which was a hundred ringgit less than it was supposed to be (because one of my housemate left the house), I bought a cup of Cappuccino Cool Blog and walked to my second favourite art shop in section 2. There was no real reason really. I just had to find an excuse to make the trip to town worthwhile. 

It was a pleasant weather that afternoon, grayish sky and mild splatter of rain, with an earphone plugged to my ear and B.A.P's new song "Rain Sound" blaring through it. It was perfect. Not a big fan of K-Pop where FT Island is an exception, but this song just managed to slither its way into my list of favourites, along with all the background music from Korean Dramas, Choi Minho (SHINee) and the Korean people and songs that appeal to my friends and siblings. I am picky like that.

Whatever. So finally I reached my destination; the art shop. Looked around aimlessly, checked out a notebook that wasn't there when I had the money to buy it, thought about how unlucky I was and then thought again maybe that was God's sign to tell me to stop buying notebooks that I won't even use, and finally, guess what I bought? An artline pen hihi. HIHI.

Some crappy shading for you.

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