Touch touch

The reason why I am so unattached to my phone is because I have a certain level of dislike to touch screen phones. Firstly, my phone lags a lot. If I try to text while listening to music, it's like waiting for your ancient laptop trying to start up. It's annoying. And these days it is so hard to text without making typos and having to delete the whole sentence just to get back to that typo (which does not happen to phones with normal keypads)

So generally, I hate touchscreen phones. Mine's not even a smartphone, so I can't download all those interesting games and Pou, causing me to become even more detached to it.

If I were to buy a smartphone one day, the main reason would be to play games on it. And then maybe I'll buy a second phone with regular keypads so that I can reply people's text without feeling so angry all the time.

Sorry people for being such a jerk and replying all your texts 3 hours later. I just hate my phone to the extent of that.

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