Listen to me

Listen, now, to everything that I am about to say.
See here, you cannot really hear anything.
Notice how I am saying this but I am making no sound?
Do you realize how you are still listening to me?

Talk to me, tell me what you think.
Can you break this barrier, send to me your speech?
I am here, but I do not hear a thing.
I listen, but I hear bright black colours.

Listen and hear, they are two different things.
Talk and speak, they might mean the same.
But words, you will never know
when you should stop to listen, or to see instead.

My mind has been blown. Instead of finding out more about paradoxes and oxymorons, I found out about spoonerism and rebus puzzles and palindromes as well. Which has nothing to do with my poetry assignment. I am also officially stripped off the rest of the will and spirit I have in me. I am not lazy. I am, well, maybe a bit lazy. But I am mostly uninterested. The psychology tests did not surprise me. I know most of the things they tell about me, and I disagree with some facts here and there. But I am mostly iron and flame. I am a dangerously negative person. Beware.

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