The Story of Pipuk: Her Eyes

It's been two weeks since Pipuk became apart of our family. Everyone has begun to become fond of her (Yes it's a she!). Even mother who has always been the one to dislike cats all this while seems to treat Pipuk like her very own baby. I'm glad for that, though not everyone seem to want to attend to her every time she poops except for mother and me.

Going back to my parent's home last weekend, I found some good things and some not so good things about her. Apparently, she gained weight while I was away, which means she was taken cared with much love by my family members. The not so good thing was that she didn't seem to be very well. Mother said she poops a lot and earlier this afternoon she pooped with blood. Her anus is swollen, so I'm worried and we're all worried but we don't know what to do. My friends who are cat owners say that it must have something to do with the food we gave her. Zue said I should try feeding her with milk again. Poor Pipuk :(

But despite all that, she seems happy. She's very clingy and playful and so adorable. A lot of other people who has seen her says she's beautiful. My classmate said she has mysterious eyes. Her eyes are kinda grey-ish blue, and with her smoky white striped fur she looks perfectly fine. We don't confine her inside her cage all day anymore. We let her explore the perimeters of our home, and when she's tired she would either return to sleep in her cage or sleep some other place she sees comfortable. Sometimes she would snuggle into her blanket (which used to be Lily's napkin when she was a baby) that we left on the table outside. Sometimes she would sleep on my lap when I wrap her with the blanket and cuddle her. She sleeps like a baby.

Grow up soon, baby Pipuk. Grow up well and healthy!


Anonymous said...

comei... rndu kcing dkt umh :((

Tiq Hashim said...

Me too! Weekend je baru dapat jumpa, main2 dengan Pipuk :(