Sometimes I think my blog is some sort of an escapism medium. I know I don't prefer to talk to people about my petty little dilemmas and stuff, and tweeting about them would expose me to too much public, so I run to my blog to rant all the yada yada things. And here I am, just because I think less people read my blog other than the people close to me. I think. I hope so. Uhh, presumably. 

For the past two weeks I have been feeling a little antisocial, shutting myself away from other people for a reason I myself don't have. I didn't feel like talking to anyone about anything, and I didn't want to be there for anybody. I just wanted to be with myself. I did feel like a bad friend, because I have been a bad listener during the past two weeks as well. The problem is at that time, I didn't want to listen or talk. Ntahlah, I don't know why.

It was a relief the mid semester break came in between that time because I met with family.  Family always heals me emotionally (well not all the time *shrugs*). And although I caught fever AGAIN for the third time in a month duration, I feel hmm thankful. No more fever for me please, I've been trying to take good care of my health by leading a healthy lifestyle these days. I try not to eat too much fast food, I eat my veggies and I go jogging with my family every weekend. I hope this is helping me in a way.

And now I'm back to life. Today, I talked with my housemates catching up with the latest stuffs and issues. Most of the parts I only listened to their stories/problems and tried to offer some good advice. So you know, basically my day today, apart from classes, was filled with conversations. Some were deep and some were random. And apparently not a single fuck was given work was done. You should know that after the mid semester break, work piles up as if tomorrow would be the end of the world. 

So I'm not really happy about it. 

But I am, anyway, because I realized that I miss my friends. Talking with them brightened my mood. And that's why I forgot about work ha!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa it's already 1a.m D: *sighs* There goes my sleep for this week.

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