I watched Skyfall yesterday with my housemates at Space U8 in Bukit Jelutong. Midnight movie was nice. A lot of unexpected (not to mention awkward) scenes, plots and characters. Especially the bad guy. Silva was a great villain and a lot of people say he's the best villain among all the villains in the Bond series. I agree. Psychotic and heartless and intelligent, the usual, except he wasn't bad ass. Haha because he is a bit cartoon-ish. Bahasa Melayu dia 'pondan' LOL.

Well to those who haven't watched the movie I think you should see for yourself why.

After movie we went for some late night supper at Asia Cafe in Subang. My first time here but I didn't order anything because I was too tired I guess. My friends ate chicken chop and black peppered chicken. I loved the black pepper chicken. The place was a combination of mamak and a little bit of William's. The common thing about these three is that they're all CROWDED! 

I don't dislike crowded places I think. I mean, I went to a concert once and I was okay with it. I exceptionally dislike crowded eating areas. There's just too many people. When I eat I want to be calm and I want to enjoy my food. I don't want to have to think about where to sit or where to look or where to put my feet or when will I be able to eat my food because the queue was too long! 

Actually I also don't like crowded shopping malls, like Ikea last Tuesday. 

Aaaand pasar malam and bazaars and traffic jams. Ha ha. 

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