My holiday plans in a nutshell

We ate durians, we painted, we ate some more, we did drama-acting in Mandarin, we celebrated birthdays, we had a lot of fun. Life would have been dull without your beloved people around. Your friends and family. 

From these pictures, you can say that I'm a cartoon character. Yes, I like to where the same tudung over and over again. If it suits the clothe I'm wearing that day, I'll just wear the same tudung because I'm too lazy to iron my other tudungs. But I really do like that tudung anyway, because it's easy to shape. 

What are my plans for the holiday? Lets see... I don't have any. My short term plan is to play games all the way. I have like four games I wanna finish this holiday. Three series of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and one of it's continuation Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, and then Pokemon Black version and then Final Fantasy. One more is Digimon, but then after seeing Lily playing it the other day, I don't feel like starting with that game anymore hehe. All these are actually Nintendo DS games, but I downloaded an NDS ROM for PC so I can play all these games without buying the NDS console hihi. 

I've been writing a love story since the end of last semester's holiday, and now I'm hit with a writer's block. I don't know how else to continue and I've been listening to different kinds of songs just to trigger my mood. We'll see how this goes. I hope I'll be able to continue with the story this holiday.

I can't wait for Ramadhan!


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

orang pompuan ni mmg kne pakai spek besar2 utk nampak comel eh?

Tiq Hashim said...

Jidin: errr, saya kurang faham soalan anda.