"Did you know, that the total calory in food in this world was produced to sufficiently cater the number of people on Earth?"

I've been thinking. Is it wrong to love food? Gluttony is considered as one of the 7 deadliest sin according to the bible, and in Islam it is a sin to overdo things. Sunnah nabi cakap makan sebelum lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang. Zaman sekarang, makan sebelum lapar, bila dah tidur baru berhenti makan. Lepas makan tengahari dah sendawa kenyang pun boleh buka peti cari jajan lagi. Ngap ngap ngap depan TV sampai tertidur, bangun tidur dah lapar balik cari makanan lagi *kena batang hidung sendiri*

I've been observing how it has become a trend to love food. Everybody loves food nowadays. Honestly, I love to eat as well. As quoted from my lecturer, everybody has been "McDonalized". 

But since knowing the above fact that my friend had told me, I feel deeply guilty towards the people in other countries who are forced to eat sand in order to survive, and appear like living walking bones because they have no food. We live here so wealthy with food and nutrition. Food is just one telephone call away and we can eat as much as we like, but some people out there are not even eating once a day. 

Think about it.

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