A short story

Last Saturday, I went to the Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale to spend one of my BB1M vouchers. I went with Lily and my cousin by train, so the journey consumed my energy and patience. However, the book fest made me ultra happy I forgot about my little sister for a few minutes. While I was checking out the Fiction section, I turned around and Lily and my cousin was gone. I have to admit I panicked a little not because I was lost but because I got paranoid that someone might kidnap Lily, so I texted them both just to be safe. 

Thank God we reunited a few minutes later, after I wandered to check out the literature section and after they remembered to check their phones. 

I don't wanna tell you how many books I bought. I could have bought more if Lily's portion did not extend the amount I had expected and intended for her. But we spent more than  one RM50 voucher, and less than two RM50 voucher. It might not be a lot to some of you, because a lot of my friends spent almost all their vouchers on BBW!

Something funny happened on the way home. Which was ridiculous as well as annoying and irritating because at this point I was extremely tired to even talk, so I don't want to talk about it here. But I'll tell you what Lily said to me in the train on the way to KL Sentral.

Lily: Kakak, kan ada stesyen angkasapuri tu kan?

Me: Hmmm?

Lily: Angkasapuri tu dia flat eh?

Me: Itu bukan angkasapuriiii, itu pangsapuriiiiii *while holding back laughter*

If you want to know what's inside her head, go visit her blog. She doesn't update regularly because usually she'd update using my laptop and now that I've started my semester and I'm not at home I don't know if she would find the effort to update. 

Nah gambar random

Taktau lah nak letak gambar apa sekarang. Byebye.

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Azzahra Azhar said...

went there too on sunday..thanks for posting about the one you went last year..kalau tak,I will never know about it.. hehe.. :)