At the tip of my behinds

I want to be direct, but not too direct.

If somebody is not important, why care? Why give an effort and hurt yourself when somebody does not really feel the same way as you do? WHY COMPLICATE THINGS? WHY THE DRAMA DUDEEEE? 

Maybe I am insensitive or ignorant or heartless. I make sudden decisions because I don't like the feeling of something bugging all over me. I prefer to shake my problems away and leave them be. Shake them away or let them complicate me. I'd never choose the latter. I don't like to think about things I shouldn't be thinking of. 

I'm starting to sound like my father.

Ironically, I used to disagree to everything he told me. All the "ignore the emotional thingies and feelings and heart things", I disagreed to every single thing. 

Hey dad, look at me now. I'm the rebellious daughter you once had. Still am, though.


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

kenapa banyak sangat drama hang ni -__-

Tiq Hashim said...

Bukan drama aku, orang lain yang punya drama HAHAHA. Aku bagi nasihat je