It's a beautiful day...

Since practicum life started, I have become practically a frog. Under a coconut shell. I come home at about 7pm everyday and at night I have to do lesson plans and prepare for teaching the next day. I don't even have time to do things that make myself happy. Sometimes, when I'm just too tired to bother, I completely ignore lesson plans and go to class like a boss. I simply make up lessons along the way, go to class and teach, and write lesson plans later ha ha.

I have deactivated my Facebook account for some reasons. Mainly because I don't see the relevance of it anymore now that there's Twitter and Google+ and Whatsapp and LINE (yes I have an Android smartphone now, finally). I think, although this blog has served as my very loyal listener all this while, I want to delete this blog as well. I have run out of useful things to write about. Plus all the things I write about don't even benefit anybody but myself, might as well just write down a journal (dang I forgot to update my reflective journal for practicum).

So before we say goodbye, I dedicate this song to everybody. Enjoy!

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