White lie

I've not been inspired lately. I can only manage to finish this drawing and I was only trying out a different kind of drawing style. The rest of them are left as sketches. I can't even finish writing my short stories. All of them are left as drafts. As much as I don't want to blame practicum, I guess it really does have an effect on me. Other than that I'm just being almighty lazy.

One of my students saw my drawing in my planner and asked me why I didn't become a cikgu seni instead, and it left me fumbling for answers. The problem is that firstly, I don't want to be a teacher. Secondly, I'm not really an expert artist to be teaching art to other people. 

In the end I just told them I have more passion in English rather than art - which is obviously a lie; I have passion in both, it's just that I dislike teaching. For now.

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